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A BattleMech (Mech), in the science fiction of BattleTech, is a war robot ~10-12meters in height, and up to 100 tons in weight. These vehicles are powered by fusion reactors and are capable of fighting underwater and in outer space.

BattleMechs use a muscle-like artificial fiber called myomer to articulate their legs to move. Powerful gyroscopes provide stability, which the pilot controls with a neurohelmet, which effectively links the 'Mech's computer into the pilot's nerve system. The movement of a 'Mech is controlled by joystick

BattleMechs are armed with a frightening array of weaponry, including lasers, short, medium, and long range missiles(Interestingly, BattleTech missiles are far shorter ranged than their modern counterparts. This was explained as guidance technology being lost over time, through the Succession Wars.), machine guns, autocannons, gauss rifles, flamers, particle projection cannons (PPCs) and the 'Mech's own arms and legs. A single 'Mech can easily destroy a city. A BattleMech's only true rival is another 'Mech - artillery, aircraft, and tanks are nearly worthless against them without BattleMech support or a strong advantage in numbers.

The first battlemech ever developed was the Mackie, a well described 100 ton box with legs. Developed in 2439 by the Terran Hegemony, first deployed in 2443, and produced throughout the rest of the Inner Sphere after the BattleMech construction plans were stolen in 2455.

Rarely used configurations of battlemechs are the Quad and LAM (Land Air Mech).

The Quad mech was quadrupedal mech, notably the Goliath and Scorpion mechs.

The LAM had the ability to transform into a conventional aircraft and revert back to a BattleMech mode, enabling it to quickly travese great distances in shorter time, however its weight limit, real life legal conflicts with Harmony Gold(The LAMs, as well as several other Mechs, were based heavily off of mecha designs from Robotech/Macross and other anime series') would end its official existence within the universe. The Wasp, Stinger and Phoenix Hawk were famous LAMs. This information is currently being re-evaluated.

A flying 'Mech was made as add-on to Combat Flight Simulator 2, copyright of Microsoft, by a third party. It was called the Stormcrow, and had two wings projecting from th etop. It is capable of vertical take-off and landing.

The Quad mech, though much maligned, has experienced a bit of a renaissance in the years after 3060. With the rediscovery of more efficent weapons, internal structure, and armor, the quad mech's stability and ability to carry heavy weapons has much improved. However, the stigma associated with the general design still lingers, leaving the normal dual-legged battlemech the vastly more common 'mech.

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